Why we use Node.js

Lodoss Team

We started using Node.js in 2009. It was version 0.0.3. And we still use it. In this article, I will explain why we use it and why we do not want to switch to something else.

1. Popularity

Judging by the statistics from stackoverflow, for several years Javascript has been the most popular programming language. And Node.js and React are the most popular frameworks / libraries.

It is very important. After all, if you have a project in a popular language, then you can always easily find a programmer for it at a reasonable price. If you use rare programming languages, then it will be difficult to find, and it will cost significantly more.


Node.js is built on the v8 engine, which is also used in the browser of Chromium and its derivatives. This engine has very strong support from users and the community of The Chromium Authors, including Google and some others (Opera Software, Yandex, NVIDIA, ...). Therefore, it is constantly improving, optimizing, becoming faster and gaining the support of the latest technologies.

3. NPM

NPM has a very large number of different libraries, modules, and other useful things. And using them is very easy. The only negative, of course, is the size of the modules themselves, connected to the project.

By the way, we also published several modules

4. One language for everything

If you use Node.js then you do not need to spray. You will spend all your strength on learning one language for both the frontend and the backend. And on React-native, you can create mobile applications.

5. I / O blocking? Did not hear!

Node.js works great with applications that don't need I / O locks. For example, you can simultaneously read data from a file, write data to a file, write data to a database.

Of course, there are libraries for PHP or Python that allow you to add asynchronous features, but by default these languages are not asynchronous, and you should always complete one function before starting the second.