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We automate business processes and create mobile applications which allow to control and manage your business online. We develop cloud web-services which quickly process data terabytes and stand 10 thousand users attendance a day.

  • Projects development

    We offer a personal project manager. He is responsible for the realization terms, helps in planning the tasks, collects the requirements and reports on the work done.

    Manager is the main point of contact in the interaction between a customer and a developers team. To meet and analyze deadlines we create a Gantt diagram, to track development progress JIRA is used.

    • Planning
    • Follow-up control and risk management
    • Requirements determining and analysis
    • Permanent communication with the customer and interaction with the team
  • ux/ui design

    We develop user-friendly and visually attractive user interfaces for mobile and web applications.

    Our aim is to create clear understanding of the whole thing in people minds and to evoke positive emotions. Our web designers constantly perfect themselves and receive refresher courses.

    Front-end development breathes life into mockups created by designers. We create adaptive pages and optimize them for different screen resolutions and browsers. We use only cutting-edge technologies.

    • Interface design
    • User interface design
    • Prototyping
    • Usability testing
    • Iconographic modeling
    • Illustrations and animation
  • Web-development

    We are focused on the development of high load and complex web applications which meet business targets and automize processes.

    We develop applications working in the real-time operation mode, so as you can promptly receive data and respond to user actions.

    We use cloud technologies, our specialists can quickly set up load balancers, create replications and scale databases.

    We automate business processes, B2B projects, SAAS applications, help to organize startups, integrate payment and analytics systems, optimize and improve web applications efficiency.

    We DO NOT develop sites on the base of popular CMS (Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress), we DO NOT develop visiting card websites. We know the value of time and our specialists aren't ready to spend it on cut-and-dried solutions.

    We use the most popular programming language - Javascript. It is the best for server side - Node.js as well as Angular.js or React.js for client side.

    We have great experience of work both with relational database MySQL / PostgreSQL as well as with NoSQL database Mongodb / Couchdb / Riak / Redis.

    • Business processes automation
    • Database optimization
    • High load systems
    • Single page application
    • Adaptive layout
    • Real-time applications
  • Mobile development

    We create business applications for phones, tablets and watches. Mobile applications make it possible to receive notifications, control and manage business processes in the real-time mode wherever you are.

    Our strong feature is creation of applications with the usage of audio/video streaming based on WebRTC and with real-time synchronization. We created 15 chats with audio and video support, we automated processes in one of the California hospitals. Using their smartphone patients may receive doctor’s consultation or make an appointment with a doctor in video mode, and smart watches take readings and transmit the condition. We've created the service for technical support so as a client can point a problem to a specialist and get a quick answer online.

    For application development we use the latest versions of SWIFT and JAVA, but if necessary we also support applications using former versions of Java or Objective C.

    • Social networks
    • Applications for communication
    • E-shops
    • Trading platforms
    • Business applications

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