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  • Getting acquainted with the project

    We try to get as much information as possible to understand the task properly, to choose necessary instruments and a better team for project fulfillment. We put questions and suggest possible solutions. We give a rough evaluation of time and budget.

  • Planning

    When all the necessary information is received and solutions are agreed, our specialists form requirements specification or develop prototypes, divide the development into stages (sprints).

    For project management we've got JIRA with plugins installed for effective work.

  • Evaluation

    After the project is split up into stages we can give precise evaluation for each of them.
    Example of evaluation

  • ux/ui design

    To develop a vivid and unique design with correct block structure we create two or three mockups for approval.

    You choose one of the options and give your suggestions for changes. We help you with the choice and give advice, make amendments so as an output we get the design which corresponds with your expectations.

    To visually represent and display links between pages we use Invision.

  • Development

    First of all we focus on your business prior tasks development.

    Our aim is to develop the operational version of the product as soon as possible with minimum functionality (MVP) which may be exposed to the network, shown to investors and can start attracting the audience.

    Development process is transparent, so at any moment you may receive access to the code through the version control system GIT or to observe the progress on the Gantt diagram.

  • Testing

    It is impossible to produce a good and qualitative product without testing. Each stage undergoes several steps of testing.

    Automated testing — our developers write automated tests, thus check that the code is operating according to the requirements. Afterwards these tests help to apply new functionality without breaking the previous one.

    Manual testing - QA engineers check the product operability in all browsers and on all devices.

  • Launching

    At this stage we help to launch a project. We configure server and database operation.

    Set up automated deployment and configuration of an app on servers.


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